Coming soon to Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux!

Bots & Belts is a fun and hectic toy-building game! You must use quick-thinking to keep the factory running efficiently, effectively, and cleanly. Play through 27 unique levels featuring different machines to utilize, toys to build, and belts to manage! Beat the game by yourself or join your friends online or couch co-op!

The future of manufacturing is here! But, as an overworked robot in a toy factory, the future certainly doesn't seem very bright. Your job is simple: assemble toys from parts and do not allow incomplete items to reach the end of the line! Together with your friends, try to futlfill all the orders accurately and in a timely fashion. If you get overwhelmed, try halting the production line!

Unlock Robots and Colors

Several playable Robots are unlocked through earning achievements and color palettes are unlocked through regular gameplay! Pick your favorite combination and stand out from your friends in online or local play!

Unique Factories & Features

Each level introduces a new mechanic or a new mix of mechanics to always keep you on your toes. Completing each level earns you stars to unlock new levels, mechanics, as well as several achievements.

Modular Difficulty

While each level presents unique challenges and some are easier than others, the difficulty of each is modified based on how many people are playing. If you have no one to join you or you prefer a greater challenge, try beating the game entirely by yourself! Remember to HALT the belts in order to catch up!

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